Stuff I Work On

Stuff I Work On
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Below, you'll find the stuff (and the things) that I've worked on or am working on.


I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Gainbridge! Are you looking for work? We're fully remote. Reach out!


A tiny library that helps generate immutable fixture data for automated tests and makes maintaining a fixture library expandable and maintainable.


A library that allows you to make any Vue3 element draggable with just 4 lines of code.

This website

Did you uh...did you click it?


I have a machine learning algorithm I've trained to predict the outcomes of NFL games. Overall, it's 64+% accurate at predicting the winner of any given NFL football game over the long term (ie anyone can get lucky ONE season. Biff is consistently at this accuracy), which puts it on-par with most experts. The link above leads to a video presentation I gave on it at WillowTree.

Frozen Lake Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

Click that link to watch an algorithm I trained to play a game. Unfortunately, it only learned that one board, not how to play the game itself. I've spent a lot of time trying to teach it the game as a whole without results (yet!).


Wrote and deployed a web app for playing the party game Mafia with friends/family live over the internet during the Quarantine Times. Unfortunately, this site no longer exists.

ChatGPT/Gary Documentation Bot

Wrote and deployed a simple chatbot that my Mom could use to chat with documentation about my kids when she and my Dad watched my 3 kids for a week. My wife and I wrote up about 7 pages of documentation, which seemed like a lot, so I gave her the ability to chat with the docs instead.


Cerebro was a site that helped authors find Literary Agents. It put all of the pertinent information authors would be looking for in one spot, including literary agencies' submission guidelines pages. It was a curated list, too, which eliminated the need to research to ensure an agency still existed for each agent in an author's list!

Side Gigs

Software Engineer at Boomy

I did some work part-time last year for Boomy, a site that allows you to generate music with AI and sell it on major streaming platforms.


I do occasionally pick up side work, though I try to keep those kinds of projects smaller to ensure I can deliver a quality product. Have something you want automated? Reach out!


So far, I have spoken at several WillowTree-wide events, for a WillowTree presentation at Amazon's Alexa Cup, and at TSQA and TestingMind, conferences local to Raleigh/Durham.


I have written and self-published a short story entitled The Blair Monster and a 100k-word mid-fantasy novel entitled Eliya that I will be publishing later this year. Want to keep up with my fiction stuff? Hit up my author website!



It took me 18 months to find work after I graduated from NCSU with a BS in Computer Science. I know how hard it is to find a job as a Junior Engineer in this industry and I want that to change! If you're about to graduate and feel super lost, you're not alone! Reach out and let's talk!


"With great power comes great responsibility."

Software Engineers run the world with our code. We're responsible for making sure that code and the way we build it makes the world better. I am a passionate advocate for the underrepresented, both in my industry and in the world at large.